No consequences – no resolution …..

2 NYPD cops shot, another stabbed during ‘unprovoked’ attack

SOOOOO, let me ask you; how would you like to be a #GOOD #cop working in The Big Apple or other cities that are being torn apart; cities and states that have the pathetic kind of leadership they have??

In NY City we can lay 90% of the blame on it’s ultra liberal – do nothing – cop hating mayor. DeBlasio has put #hand-cuffs and #leg-irons on all the cops; marched them to the ocean, threw them in and expected them to swim. I would love to see Warren on the front lines to see what kind of reaction he would have to being shot at – stabbed – spit on – set on fires and totally abused.

How many people have to be shot, killed, stabbed or injured by the rioters before the cops are ALLOWED to retaliate in kind. Why were they hired – why are they cops; but to serve and protect the citizens of their cities or country.

I would hate to take this action, but it doesn’t seem the Warren is not giving the cops any choice. ALL the cops should all walk off the job until they are assured by their pathetic mayor that they will be able to do their jobs the way they were trained to do. Then we will see what kind of response we will get from Warren. Naturally; he will blame the cops for getting the BLUE FLU and abandoning their posts

How can Warren stand-by and watch his city go up in smoke and it’s citizens being shot at and stabbed?? I would think that the governor of NY would step in and take charge, but he is almost as bad as Warren. Any fool that condones these acts are as bad as the rioters.

What happens when a permissive parent ignores his kids bad behavior?? The kid thinks behaving is a joke; laughs and spits in the face of his parent. No consequences – no resolution.

The primary reason the anarchists are so out of control, they know the cops and the military are not allowed to do their job in an efficient manner.

Put two combatants in a ring; hand cuff and pout leg irons on one and give the other all the weapons he wants. What is going to be the outcome of their confrontation?? That is exactly what is happening in the liberal cities around the country.

Let us not loose sight of the facts; all the burning – looting – shooting – stabbing has noting to do with the death of Floyd. The people got what they wanted; 4 cops arrested and charged with murder. Hopefully some positive assurances for the future.

Yesterdays post: It has to be a two way street.


1. Less crimes committed by the black community. They are 15% of the population, but commit 51% of the crimes. Less crimes – less police intervention. I do realize there is more to the big picture than that, but it is the responsibility of parents and role models to set a higher standard by their good behavior. It is up to the government to make sure all people are treated equally; in the same token, that privilege has to be earned.

2. Cops vetted better before hiring – new language in the oath to treat DIRTY cops the same way they would a common criminal; an end to protecting one another.

3. The judicial system NOT having any partiality toward DIRTY COPS in their sentencing. The punishment should fit the crime. Eliminate all cover-ups.

I don’t know what it is going to take before the authorities allow the cops and military to do their jobs. If not protected soon; there will be nothing left to protect.

No consequences – no resolution …..

The blood of the riots victims – the mayhem and destruction of these cities are on the hands of the DO NOTHING mayors and governors.

There are so many different tentacles which are huge part of the problem; solutions will be very hard to come by.

I have to wonder; what kind of reaction would we see if the governors/mayors/their families were under attack?? These DO NOTHING fools are a bigger part of the problem than they want to admit.

No consequences – no resolution …..


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