Mandatory changes in the constitution policeman’s oath – police policing police!!!!….

My #wheels have been turning since my previous post and my #conclusions/solutions to control the police brutality in the USA are more and more #convincing that is the right and only road to take.

The more I think about it, the more #convinced I am my recommendations are the most #constructive and #effective way I have ever heard of to #eliminate #police #brutality.; by doing it from the inside.

Laws and regulations have to be drawn up and entered into the cops #by-laws, as part of the #oath policeman take when they are sworn. Current cops will have to sign a revision. No signature, no job.

In the clause (I am not an attorney – simple language) there has to be a #guaranteed #assurance; if #any #members of the police department #commits a #crime; it is a absolute responsibility of their fellow officers to #report them, arrest them and turn them in. If that clause is not #strictly #adhered to, the punishment for the aiding and abetting the rouge cop will be as #severe as the #crime the rouge cop committed.

This will not happen over night. Cops have been #covering-up and #protecting each-other for 100’s of years. It will take a few of them that do not take their pledge seriously and will have to pay the price. The police must police the police; no exceptions.

Sooner or later, the gauntlet will have dropped and settled; it will become a normal routine.

My idea/suggestion/recommendation is the absolute best avenue to correcting this monumental problem. Not only in the racial department, but in many other areas where bad cops tend to wander.

In my opinion; if this procedure is implemented, we have people in the front lines that are witnesses to the policeman’s everyday activities and can control it easily.

I am sure that 40 – 50% of the people that intended to join the police department at one time or another, will have second thoughts. That is OK. The ONLY cops that should be on the force should be the cream of the crop. I will give them the same advice I gave the criminals. Don’t commit the crime and you won’t do the time.

It has to be in black and white (a written law), that MUST be sworn to when they take their oath as a policeman. In my opinion, this can be a 80 -90% reduction in crime by cops; that will keep people with #nefarious reasons for joining the force. The ones that slip through the cracks will soon be identified and #shit-canned. Up until now, the #lackluster way of #disciplining cops has something to be desired and given many of them a license to kill!!

Police officer filmed kneeling on George Floyd’s neck charged … › us-news › may › derek-chauvin-police-offic…

2 days ago – Derek Chauvin charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter as county prosecutor suggests additional charges may be brought.

I would love to hear some feed back from some politicians or police departments.

After my recommendation is stamped into concrete; then we need the judicial system to get their heads out of their ass and prosecute those that are breaking the laws. All the citizens of this country are asking for is #JUSTICE for all.

To complete the dream package; we need all the #criminals in this country to get their acts together and start behaving like #normal/civilized people. What we are now witnessing on both sides of the street is #unacceptably in society. NO CRIME- NO TIME.

Those combinations would be a dream come true for the USA.


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