Legally; looters can be legally shot and killed; even by property owners …..

Trump blasts Minneapolis ‘thugs,’ warns mayor US ‘will assume control,’ shoot looters if needed

Trump blasts Minneapolis mayor, vows military support if needed

I hope for their sake and their sake of the country, the #looters do not think PDT is selling #WOLF-TICKETS with his #statement. This thing can turn a lot more #ugly then it already has.

As in this case, much of the #aftermath could have be #eliminated if the #authorities did what they had to in cases like this and #arrested the cops right off the bat. People want justice, they do not want to be #continually #screwed over.

Just like in the case of the black jogger Arbery. If it were not for the outcry of the public for #justice, his killer would have never been arrested. That is;

For the fools that do not agree with me; what if the victims were a family member of ours?? It is not about black or white, it is about #justice for all.

If we as a country are going to make any progress in the racial department, incidents like this should not be all about race. My position has always been; looking out for #future-generations. This #dissension between races has gone on long enough.

Many times the end result turns out to be worse than the initial crime. Take a look at the destruction there has been so far with the looting and burning if cars and buildings. If this continues, I am positive there are going to be many body bags needed. If I were the looters, I would not call PDT’s bluff. He is absolutely right in taking whatever action necessary to PUT OUT THE FIRES.

Two wrongs do not make one right. Because some out of control cops killed a person #unjustifiably, it does not give the protesters the right to react the way they have. Protest, ABSOLUTELY YES; loot and burn, ABSOLUTELY NO.

I will stand fast on my opinion; the ONLY road to civility and success in ALL AREAS, is through EDUCATION.

If Floyd was educated he may have not passed a bad check. If the cops were properly educated in their field, they would not have used excessive force and killed him. The word #EDUCATION can be applied to ever facet of our lives.

In most cases property owner have the right to #shoot and #kill #looters. Is this the can of worms they want to open?? I would hope not.

In Floyd’s case; # 1, I blame him for passing a bad check – # 2, I blame the cops for using #excessive force that #killed him and # 3, and most important, I blame the city’s mayor for not having the cops #arrested #immediately after the incident. In case he did not notice, the entire act was caught on video.

LOOTERS BEWARE: PDT buys WOLF TICKETS, he does not sell them.

What does to sell wolf tickets mean? – My English › site_php_files › random-idiom

What does to sell wolf tickets mean? Meaning of idioms with examples… to sell wolf tickets. to make empty threats or promises; to bluff.

In my opinion, sad to say, incidents like this are always going to continue. If ONLY the cities would act responsibly and take action against the cops, IF NECESSARY; that alone would help put the fires put.

What a #disgrace that, time after time, the USA has #descended into such #darkness all on the account of some very #irresponsible people. WTFATGTL???

Folks, these ARE #avoidable situations.


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