What should they expect …..

Deadly shooting, arson, looting and armed vigilantes grip city after George Floyd’s death


What other method can the #black-community implement to get the #attention of the authorities except for #rioting?? It does not seem some in law-enforcement really GET IT!!

I absolutely do not #condone #rioting, but that seems to only way to give them a #wake-up-call.

Based on# similar #occurrences around the country, an intelligent person would assume, the rest of the cops in the USA would have got the message. Time after time this same sad tale plays over and over, but seems to fall on deaf ears and blind eyes. I think the time has long past where there should be an end put to the (ABC) #abuse by cop.

I would never try to minimize the importance and the dangers of being a cop. The good ones are a blessing to society. For them all; it was the occupation they chose and it is their responsibility to PLAY-BY-THE-RULES. For a very small percentage of cops fit into the rogue category.

Let us not forget it is a two way street. No crime committed (in most cases) no need for police intervention.

One the other side of the coin; there are too many incidents like the case of Floyd being accused of passing a bad check, where the reactions of cops was total #over-kill.

Let us assume that Floyd did pass a bad check; was it necessary for a cop take his life?? If he resisted arrest, that what taser are for.

There is such a #fine-line that has to be #considered between how far a cop goes, using the right amount of force in the apprehension of a criminal or a suspected #criminal. All conditions and circumstances are not the same. Common sense has to play a big role in their decision making.

Making decisions instantaneously is very difficult, especially when a life may hang in the balance. This supposedly is part of why they went to the police academy.

I say it is a two sided problem. Don’t do the crime and police intervention will not be necessary. For the cops; they should be trained/indoctrinated on how to react to various conditions. Is their job an easy one?? HELL NO. I definitely would not want to be a cop.


The vast majority of people that join the police force are #stand-up-citizens that want to see law and order in their communities. THEN, we have the small percent of them that joined because they love the #uniform, the power the #gun, the #badge that goes with the job.

Out of that pack, the most dangerous of the lot are the bad-assed guys (the rogue cops) that love to beat and abuse people. They think the badge gives them a pass to do as they please. Many times it does.

The general public has no idea on how intense and stressful a cops job can be when they are on the chase. Their adrenaline is running at super-sonic speed at the time of the pursuit, especially when who they are chasing is resisting arrest. Reacting the proper way under those conditions is critical.

Next we have various types of criminals. The small time crooks that write a bad check (supposedly as Floyd did) which is a misdemeanor, the bank robber, the sadistic killers, terrorists and a multitude of others. Then we have to thug that is pissed off at the authorities (sometime justified) who goes around spitting at cops and throwing things at them, which there is no justification for. A good cop has to learn how to deal with all of these elements, not just one.

Again; if we don’t have the crime, there is no need for the cops. We all know that is an unrealistic situation to be in; hopeful, but unrealistic.

I used to think there was an answer for every problem that exists. I was wrong. What is going to take to circumvent these conditions?? A MIRACLE!! We all know they only happen in fairy tales.

Will there ever be a solution?? Not likely. In my opinion, the way things stand now, it is way past repairable. The ONLY solution is, if it were possible, but it isn’t, would be to restart mankind/society completely and see if we can get it right the next time.

The way it appears with COVID-19, and the rest of the many disastrous obstacles facing the world, being that we are incapable of correcting our own problems because of our stupidity; MOTHER NATURE may be giving us a helping hand in starting fresh.

Health official says this state may be opening much too soon


If there is a second go-round; the first one will look like child’s play.



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