When, if ever, will they ever learn ……

Protesters clash with Minneapolis police after George Floyd’s death


Can anyone really blame the black community for reacting to the #unnecessary #death of one of their people by some out of control cops?? I don’t!!

The #rule-of-thumb in any #self-defense situations is (especially in law-enforcement should be) when the suspect is #no-longer-a-threat, under control and is in secured position, the #restraining methods should be eased off.

Floyd, 46, died Monday night and video later emerged showing the man on the ground with a police officer pressing his knee against Floyd’s neck. Footage released of the incident showed Floyd shouting, “I cannot breathe” and “Don’t kill me.”


The cops were responding to a call that Floyd had cash a bad check. The four responding cops had the suspect contained on the ground, one of them was kneeling on his neck and restrict him breathing. Floyd continued to scream and plead he could not breath. The cop would not ease off. That choke hold eventually caused his #death. #GMAFB – THE GUY SUPPOSEDLY CASHED A BAD CHECK.

Floyd did not murder or rape anyone; he supposedly cashed a bad check. If everyone in the country that cashed a bad check was killed by the cops, the stack of bodies would resemble one of Hitler’s #atrocities.

#Law-enforcement has no one to blame except themselves when the citizens riot against them in situations like this. This was a totally #unnecessary/uncalled for death.

If a criminal had a gun or was a real threat to anyone, then it is within the cops right to do whatever is necessary to protect themselves and the public, including #killing the person, but this was not the case.

Ladies and gents. This is not their #first-rodeo. How many incidents like this have to take place before the cops get the message?? To put things in perspective, I would NOT want to be a cop. They have a very demanding and responsible job. But this is the occupation they chose and they should be held responsible for their actions if the cross the line. One would think; by now all the cops in this country would have got the message. I guess not.

Should the cops be held #accountable for killing this guy?? I would say #absolutely!!


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