May be the #wisest thing this #socio-women ever said ….

Ilhan Omar: ‘I do believe’ Tara Reade’s claims against Joe Biden

Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., said she believes Tara Reade’s #sexual-assault claim against Joe Biden, and that if it were up to her, Biden #wouldn’t be the Democrats’ nominee for president.

SOOOOO; lets us see if she has any influence over any of her anti-American cousins when they go to the poles in November. If they do not vote for JJ, they have to vote for PDT. Fat chance (pardon the pun).

None of the #Blue-Fools have yet to answer my question. Is JJ (Jokin Joe) the best you have?? That is really #scraping-the-bottom-of-the-barrel, no matter how it is #translated.

JJ, they say you are the best they have.

Chinese proverb – VP who fondles lady in pantry gets ass in jam.

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