This monster has no boundaries …..

Brazil’s indigenous people are dying at an alarming rate from Covid-19

Even the people that live in the #Brazilian rain forest are not out of reach of the #deadly Mr. Corona.

How the hell did they contract the virus. They live #totally-isolated from #civilization, yet somehow came down with the disease. It had to be the people they trade with that infected them.

It has always been my #contention; #indigenous people who live in #isolation like the Brazilian rain forest people have are perfectly happy and content living and existing as they have been for 1,ooo’s of years. Then up jumps some HOLY ROLLER religious fanatic that goes into their space and wants to convert them. Convert them into what and for what, has always been my question. They most probably are more #divine/pure than the fools that are trying to convert them.

Just like Columbus brought all kinds of diseases with him and infected the natives when he discovered America. The natives were perfectly healthy until he came along.

Here they are in the year 2020, minding their own business and going on with their life as they have been accustom to for centuries and some fool invaded their territory and infects them with COVID-19. It jus did not pop up, it had to come from one of their invaders.

The best thing the rain forest people couple have done with their intruder was have them for dinner.

#Converters/do-gooders; leave these good people alone. They have survived for 1,ooo’s of years with no help from your #unwanted-meddling-ass. Thanks to you, their #entire-population could possibly get wiped out.


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