Hong Kong is #regressing instead of #progressing … not a bright future ….

Hong Kong braces for turmoil over new China law as stocks slide on risk of ‘strong’ Trump reaction

If the way the Chinese government handled the corona-virus and their position on #democracy in Hong Kong does not tell the tale of the #ruthlessness of their government, nothing else does. When any #entity is #fearful of people exercising their #freedom; the hand-writing is on the wall.

The British took #control of Hong Kong in 1898; they had a 99 years treaty with the Chinese that Hong Kong would operate as a democracy for that time period. At the end of the time period, the Chinese government would once again be the governing body; but it may have been assumed that Hong Kong would retain their #independence from the rest of China. That was not the case.

Since the Chinese took control, a little at a time they began putting on the squeeze to get back in the drivers seat and eliminate many of the freedoms the citizens of Hong Kong became so accustom to. The citizens of Hong Kong would not stand for going back to the OLD Communist SYSTEM. All of the current Hong Kong residents were born and raised under this democratic way of life and refuse to have their freedom taken away. How can anyone with #common-sense not understand their position??

Consequently there have been a multitude of riots with a few people being killed and scores of injuries. It looks like neither side will relent.

Unfortunately for the residence of Hong Kong it does not look like the government is going to cave in on their demands. This can certainly turn into a much bigger blood bath than it has already.

We have witnessed how much regard Chinese government has for human life; so knocking over a few hundred or thousand of their own people to regain control, that is a walk in the park for them.

The ONLY hope the people in Hong Kong have in retaining their Independence is for the rest of the free world to support them.

I am afraid either way, there is going to be a lot of blood shed.

There are a lot of people in the USA that should sit up and take notice as to what some people in this world are willing to do to enjoy the freedom we have, the freedom that they take for granted and abuse on a daily basis.


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