Do as I say; not as I do – sometimes …..

Trump brings mask to Ford, says he doesn’t ‘want to give the press the #pleasure of seeing’ him wear it

With PDT, in many cases it is all about his ego. As we all know, image is a very big thing with The Prez.

Initially, it would not #surprise me if PDT tried on a mask, looked at himself in the mirror and didn’t like the way he looked and decided not to wear it. #Vanity!!

Naturally, everyone has the right to do as they please; at least that used to be the rule in the Good Old US of A. It is like a parent telling their kids not to drink or smoke when they have a cancer #stick-hanging off of their face and are holding a glass of Mad Dog 20-20 in their hand.


After a lot of pressure; he decided to wear one when he visited the Ford plant in Michigan. That was the right thing to do. I can bet it was like him having to take Caster Oil.


Good examples are set and made by setting good examples. I am glad PDT #capitulated. It gives the media a little less #ammo to use when #attacking him.


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