Somethings just do not make sense……

De Blasio floats fencing to keep New Yorkers off beaches

Just like the #majority of whatever Warren Wilhelm says (AKA Bill DeBlasio) says, it does not make sense.

If grocery stores and other #essential place of business can be opened; why can’t beaches. Lots of room for distancing, a chance to exercise, clean air, even more so now that the air pollution has diminished due to the shut down.

Out of all the areas mentioned, beaches are probably the safest place to be under the circumstances. BUTT yet, this fool WW is considering fencing them off to keep people off, for what reason I don’t know. It doesn’t make sense.

Must be the old story about #brains and #trains. When God was passing out brains, these fools thought e said trains and never got aboard.

Just in New York City proper, there are 14 miles of beaches. How much will it cost to fence off all of those areas?? When the $oldi is not coming out of a politicians own pocket; they have no boundaries.

When are the ultra-liberal fools going to wake up and quit election #nut-cases like Warren?? They keep getting #slapped-around by the #screw-ball and his radical administration, BUTT on election day, they keep putting an X next to his name. The only thing I can come up with; they must be #masochist and like being #abused.


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