Leave it to the South Koreans ……..

South Korean football club apologizes for filling stands with ‘sex dolls’


What does a #creative person do when they are having an event and knows in advance no one is going to show up?? Naturally, they go out and buy a few dozen #inflatable-dolls to fill the seats.

That is exactly what South Korea did when they knew their football teams were going to play to an empty stadium.

The applause had to be deafening.

If this was their thing; after the game, the players were allowed to take one of the spectators home for a keepsake/companion.

I don’t know why the football club apologized. I think it was a great idea. Possibly, based on our current conditions, some #enterprising person/people will start a #rent-a-doll-company. The Chinese have always been good at copying. They may need a new idea to consider.

I can not imagine the concession stands did very well??


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