Jessica James and her posse ….

Jessica James and her #posse are #holding-up-the-USA and they did not even use a #gun.


Republicans are attacking vulnerable House Democrats for backing a bill “with an astonishing #$3-trillion price tag” that includes “far left ideas like stimulus checks for illegal immigrants.” The bill’s expansion of the direct payments to individuals that were included in an earlier package would allow undocumented residents to be compensated. Some endangered Democrats voted for an unsuccessful GOP attempt to send the measure back to committee to remove that provision.

Stimulus checks for illegals; #AYFKM?? I always had an inkling this old broad was off he rocker, now I am positive.

To think all of her shenanigans are a of result of her “Home Girl” CHC, getting her ass kicked in the election almost 4 years ago. Talk about a vindictive women.

All of these very costly stunts she has been pulling with impunity, have nothing to do for what is best for the country; they all revolve around trying to execute PDT at the voting booth in November.

Newt Gingrich: Pelosi’s crazy $3T coronavirus spending bill may have secret purpose – Don’t underestimate her

Somewhere #tucked-away/hidden in this bill the nut case is proposing, there are provisions for absentee voting by email. Normal voting procedures are tough enough controlling the fraud, can we even imagine the corruption behind email voting.

In short; the Jessica and he posse are insane; robbing the good tax paying citizens of the USA to settle a score with Trump.

Don’t forget; every-night @ 1700, they (the politicians) all #slighter into the back seat of #chauffeured-driven-limo and are carted off to the mansions on top of Knob Hill where they do not have to deal with the struggles of the normal citizens. They don’t have a clue and don’t want one.

By the way; that is only the 138 days a year they are required to show up for work. If and when they do show up; they accomplish little to nothing.

It is no wonder that the #approval-ration for these #thieves is only 17%, and that is on a good day. Tell me now log they would survive in #corporate-America with numbers like that?? They would not last long enough to make it to the mess hall at lunch time.

As I said many times before; Jessica had to have caught a few of the big wigs in DC on their knees for her to be-able to survive this long.


Third in line; is that scary or what

Welcome Doctor Fred


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