PDT’s poor choice of words, again …..

Dr. Anthony Fauci issues stark coronavirus warning at odds with Trump’s call for a quick reopening

One of PDT’s major #faults is; he loves to #declare-victory before the war is over. Many times that comes back and bites him in the ass.

WASHINGTON – Top public health officials, as well as a few Democratic and Republican senators, painted a much starker picture Tuesday of the coronavirus challenges still facing the nation than the rosier outlook offered by President Donald Trump.

A day after the president declared the nation has “met the moment, and we have prevailed,” top members of his coronavirus task force sent a different message at a Senate hearing on how the nation can safely reopen.

I may say we met the moment; but have we prevailed or won the war against Mr. Corona?? Not even close.

Most of the time, with #good-intentions, the #salesman-personality comes out of Trump trying to #camouflage issues to make them look better than they are. He has to remember, it is not the 1,000 things a person does right that they are mostly #remembered by, it is the one thing they do wrong. Making inaccurate statements can be very costly.


#prevailed prove more powerful than opposing forces; be victorious.


win-win out-win through triumph, be victorious, be the victor, gain the victory, carry the day, carry all before one finish, first come, out ahead, come out on top, succeed, prove superior, conquer, overcome

None of these definitions fit the condition of the country against the virus. Prevailed is just another poor choice of words used by The President.

It is not realistic for PDT to say we have prevailed. What he should say is; there is still a tough long road ahead for us fighting the virus, but we are making progress.

Being wrong by jumping the gun, as well-intended as he is, may cost him the election. There is a awful lot riding on this horse race. I hope he knows what he is doing.

Why did I go to the doctor? Because I was sick and needed advice. Was I wise and followed his orders???

My gut feeling about being #premature is, 70% too early, hopefully 30% safe.

I always love when I am wrong under these circumstances.


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