Damned if we do – doubled damned if we don’t ……

Colorado restaurant shut down after Mother’s Day sit-down brunch

Gov. Jared Polis said the restaurant caused an “immediate health hazard.” Its business license will remain suspended until it is no longer a threat.


Why does a person go to the doctor when they’re not feeling good? Naturally for advice and to get well. What does a person do based on the doctor’s recommendation? Naturally, follow the doctors orders. Who should be responsible if the sick person does not follow the doctor’s orders and gets more ill than they were before? I would conclude this is the same situation the entire country is in regarding the reopening activities.

Fauci says to keep the doors locked, with all good intentions, PDT and many governors want to open the flood gates and take a chance, also with all good intentions. Unless there is another sick-ass conspiracy theory floating, both sides want to do the right thing.

In my opinion (but what the hell do I know) this pandemic is going to get much worse then when it initially broke out if the reopening is done too prematurely. Most people do not want to follow the rules and guidelines. Take look at all the gatherings and demonstrating going on with the rules in place. We might as well not ask the doctor advice if we do not intend to follow it.

On the other side of the coin; it is a very #precarious position to be in. Open and fail or stay closed and be in #financial-ruins. Not an easy choice to make. There is more at stake by making the wrong move in this situation than any other decision in the history of the world.

DAMNED IF WE DO – DOUBLE DAMNED IF WE DON’T. Who has the real solution?? I don’t think anyone has it. What good does it do if the decision to reopen kills 100’s of 1,000’s of the people on the planet?? All the $oldi in the world can not heal that wound.

I have often said; if I had a crystal ball, I may not want to look in it.


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