Many things will never be the same ……

Study shows alcohol consumption on the rise during lockdown

#Isolation, #boredom and #anxiety can lead to more drinking by “problem drinkers” in the UK, a new study shows. CNN’s Nina dos Santos explores how the coronavirus pandemic lockdown is affecting people’s drinking habits.

What do MOST people do when they are bored to death and have nothing productive to occupy their time?? They eat more – drink more – have more sex – get depressed – get lazy as hell – have little to no ambition and in extreme case commit suicide.

I would assume that the #suicide rate has or is going to spike dramatically – the #alcoholic numbers will jump – #obesity will be at an all time high, as well as the birth rate increasing, all due to the lack of activity imposed on us by an unwelcome #monster #Mr. Corona.

The only positive thing I see for being locked up; many families will get a lot closer than they have been been for years. BUTT on the other side of the coin, hostility levels will probably increase dramatically, especially stuck in close quarters with people getting on each-others nerves.

As of yet, the Chinese government have not taken any responsibility, or shown any remorse for their actions. I don’t know how, BUTT it is absolutely necessary that the Chinese government pays a huge price to the world for their wrongdoing.

I don’t think there has ever been anything as #barbaric/despicable/deadly, as deliberately inventing COVID-9 and releasing it on the world. Nothing comes close.

The real monster in this entire scenario is the Chinese government. There has to be retribution.


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