A kick in their not so royal ass …..

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are calling #bullshit on the Queen of England, saying she has no authority to strip them of their right to say they’re royals.

As the old saying goes; I gave it to you and I can take it away.


How disrespectful – their answer to the Queen was BULLSHIT

Harry and his BOSS are learning a very elementary rule of nature/life; whatever goes up, must come down, which seems to apply to their recent decreed of #unroyaling (new word) their #pampered asses. Let us not forget, this was their chose to separate themselves from the Royal Family.

It has been my opinion all along; the two turn-coats would pay the price for de-royaling (new word) themselves. Now comes the down-sides to their decision; less attention, less $oldi coming in, being detitled (new word) is not sitting well with the love vultures.

Take away all the glitter and attention; what do we have left? Nothing BUTT two used-to-be royal fools (one for a very short time) that really don’t have a home they can call their own. They are #wondering #aimlessly around the world, like the guy in the dessert trying to find his way out.

Harry buddy; she has got you by the short hair and I am not talking about on your chin. Anyone turns their back on their family, they are pathetic. It is time to man-up, or possibly in your case, too late. One royal rule you did not learn well; insult your royal grandmother.

MM should have known what she would be up against before she walked down the isle. She should have realized; all that glitters in not gold.

To call the ruling that Queen Lizzy made bull-shit is totally #unacceptable and UNROYALISTIC (new word). When the respect factor is lost, it is down hill from there.

I think all in all, Queen Liz has been overly gracious to the rebellious couple. It is time to put on the royal-breaks permanently.


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