When we look in the Socialists dictionary under ignorant …..

AOC criticizes JetBlue for NYC flyover to honor coronavirus health workers, first responders

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez@AOC

Nothing like a corporate PR campaign that burns jet fuel at low altitudes over vulnerable communities dying from a respiratory virus that compounds on our preexisting and disproportionate exposure to air pollution to show healthcare workers we care

This #ignorant-broad could be laying in a barrel of #penises and still #bitch.

Anti – anti -anti; there are fools like Occasio in this world that will find fault with anything and everything someone does or doesn’t do just to rattle the cage.

Jet Blue did a very #considerate thing doing a FLY BY over The Big Apple to honor the 1st responders and Occasio found fault with the #gesture. Most probably; if Jet Blue or some other airline would not have showed their support, the #scatter-brained-fruit-cake would have found fault with that. GTAFBG!!!!!

Every once and awhile, #rodents like Occasio have to pop their #ugly-heads out of their #burrow, run their mouth for a few seconds just to stay reliant and in the limelight.

Check out the eyes, they could be twins

Put a lid on it girl


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