Keep the game clean …

USA TODAY: Ahmaud Arbery shooting: Father, son arrested; dedication run planned today

Little us hope this young man’s family gets the #justice they deserve for this act of #brutality and #barbarism. There has to be #examples made out of scum like this that this type of #criminal-activity is not acceptable in this country, regardless of what race color or creed any person is.

How is it even possible to try and work toward peace between races with degenerate reprobate like these predators roaming the earth.

If for no other reason; let us do IT for #future-generations. There is too much #pain and #sorrow in this world let alone #pouring-gas-on-the-fire. Not liking – not loving – all it takes is RESPECTING one another.

We have made some progress in that direction, but nearly not enough.

At the very least, if the judicial system does their job #fairly and #impartially, upholds the laws as they should and imposes the proper #penalties, that MAY help ease some of the bleeding for the families.

Always remember; with #psychopaths like #killers, next time it may be one of your kids.

Gotta do a Judge Roy Bean on them. In the front door, found guilty, out the back door to the hanging tree; saving the taxpayers a lot of time, money and aggravation.


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