Yet another disturbing case of GOOD OLD-BOY JUSTICE ….

Race aside; what if this was your kid or family member??

What a senseless murder

#GMAFB folks; this is the year #2020. By now these #unjustified murders should be way behind us in our #rear-view-mirror. We are supposed to be living in the USA; the #land of the #free. There is absolutely #no-justification for this kind of #brutality/murderous #mentality in this country or for that matter, anywhere in the world.

WTF is the matter with these #vigilantes?? They have to be mentally deranged.

How does anyone think the black community should #react to barbaric incidents like this. Outrage doesn’t come close. What if the situation was #reversed.

The criminals and the corrupted judges involved in these types of horrendous incidents are #equally as #culpable.

The kid was jogging through a neighborhood, minding his own business, was not armed and was #deliberately #killed by some racist bastard that said; they THOUGHT he just committed a burglary.

Take a look at what he was wearing. How many people commit a crime while wearing a tee shirt – shorts and tennis shoes. GMAFB!!!

I can just imagine if I were running and 3 son-of-a-bitches drove up and open fired on me because they THOUGHT I committed a crime. Come on!!

There have been no arrests made in the fatal shooting.

THOUGHT is bull-shit. Anyone with a 1/10 of a brain knows, before anyone, including the guys and gals in blue, pulls a gun on a person, they have to know without any doubt, that the person was guilty of a crime, not to just assume. It seems to me they were out on a hunting part.

This #good-old-boy #racist-mentality has to change. It is not bad enough that these flacky bastards go #hog-wild shooting anything in sight; they have the local jurisdiction on their side that #condone their crimes and justify them. They walk free.

Isn’t about time these unfortunate cases are viewed and tried fairly?? Isn’t it about time, the #crooked-bastard-judges are removed from the bench and put into the slams along with the criminals they let walk??

I did many posts #recommending that all crimes have federal penalties attached to them. A crime committed in Alaska has the same penalty as the some crime committed in Miami. No exceptions. That would eliminate multiple problems.

This should not be a case of black or white; it should be equal justice for all as the constitution calls for.

As of today, I am suspending the litany of instructions for the prevention of COVID-19, I have been posting. By now, everyone should have them down-pat. Use good judgement – don’t go where you don’t belong – best wishes and good health to all. Together we stand – divided we fall.


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