The most disturbing thing I ever heard or seen ……

Folks – there must be some substance to the video I was trying to send. Two minutes after I posted it, YouTube cut it off. I am trying to dig up a different version. Stay tuned.

I found it

I did a post 5 days ago that blew my socks off when I thought of the #negative #possibilities of #connecting all the dots.

Now I see another video that is even more #disturbing.

There are #doctors and #scientists from all around the country/world that are standing up, speaking up and addressing the #corruption/criminal-activities behind the development of and how surreptitiously the supposed cure of COVID-19 is being handled and processed by some very affluent people (wolves in sheep’s clothing)

If true, is it possible anyone can be as cruel as Fauci and his co-conspirators

In that very #convincing video that make claims of #unfathomable #wrong-doing; if we believe it’s content, because it is so #improbable/inconceivable or even the possibility that some very #influential two legged animals that call themselves human beings do actually exist.

To think anyone would/can #concoct a plan to #overtake/take control of mankind all in the name of #power/control/profit. There are literally now written words on how to describe the #evil/animals. I am never at a loss for words, but this one has me stumped.

Without a doubt; if it can be proven, this act of #inhumanity has to be dealt with in super-sonic speed and with the most trusted people this country and the world participating (if there are any).

I have said this before and I will continue to say it. Donald Trump is the absolute best thing that has ever happened to the USA at this time in our history of #corruption and #power-grabbing. Despite his #idiosyncrasies and some of his #unorthodox ways of doing things, without him sitting in The Big Chair we would all be literally dead in the water.

Let us not forget that CHC – TMC – Biden – Wild Bill – Fauci – all of the people that want to turn the USA into a socialist country and control it, they are all involved in this political Ponzi Scheme conspiracy that is part of the grand plan to take over.

If anyone believes that these #malicious son-of-a-bitches have the safety and well-being of the citizens of the USA in their forefront; think again. If they were ever to succeed with their #maniacal-mission and gain control of the country, when all the ashes settled; they would be the only ones holding all the chips.

Remember, these are all the people that are dead against Donald Trump getting elected again. What is that till us ?

Again I will emphasize; IFFFFFF these theories are made up or untrue; the people behind them should be all publicly executed for the panic and unrest they have created. If their theories are correct, they should all be given the highest award and #accolades the country has to offer for their #bravery to come forward.

On the other hand, if the theories are #accurate and truthful; the animals behind their #extermination of mankind plot should be hunted down like the animals they are and publicly executed. It is beyond belief that monsters like this exit. There is no place on this earth for them. They should never be allowed to take another breath of air.

I usually go with my gut feeling. My gut tells me that the accusations have some substance to them. I certainly hope I am wrong.

I am afraid that this COVID-19 monster and it’s #masters, have grown so much and are now so #powerful, it is going to take a monumental effort like any mankind has ever witnessed, possibly insurmountable, that the attempted to correct it may be impossible to #suppress, and may be the real mission impossible.

Let us not forget; if the theory is true, it has been in the works for decades and will be nearly #impossible to prove or rectify. If what is said about Fauci is true, he has had since 1984 to perfect his plan.

The video is absolutely the most disturbing account of #demonic behavior possible. It is hard to believe that anyone or group of #degenerate/bastards could be so cruel. The video has to be watched.

It is nearly beyond comprehension.

On the top of my fearful list is; whomever attempts to squash this and extinguish the people behind it; their lives will be in danger. That goes all the way to the top. Read between the lines. There is too much money on the line for the scumbags to walk away quietly.

Now is the time, if ever, the entire USA has to get behind PDT and support him, IFFF it is determined that these accusations are correct. This has to be a mutual effort of all the governments in the world to fight and beat this monster and it’s creators.

I never knew anyone that calls them-self a human being could be as wicked/black hearted/ungodly/evil to #deliberately dream-up/invent a #nightmare as #significantly-cruel as this.

If this video does not give you #chills and #nightmares, you better go see a doctor . Make sure his last name is not Fauci.

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