Weak Willie Whimpering …..

Bill Maher defends Monica Lewinsky, rips ‘callous’ Bill Clinton over ‘manage my anxieties’ remark


Is WWW that #pathetic that he tries to #justify his #despicable actions by labeling them as managing his #anxieties?? If WWW is/was that #pitiful; he should go into the head (bathroom) by himself, close the door and #manually #attend to #himself.

I can’t help BUTT wonder how WWW would feel if someone #degenerate older man had a fling with his daughter to relieve his anxieties?? I hate to hear his answer.

If Bill Maher (#King of the #Liberals) is #bad-rapping the ex-pres, that speaks volumes.

WWW is the #poster-boy for a #sociopath/#narcissist. They will say and do anything to deflect the blame from their wrong doings.

I may be a good thing WWW is a #serial #fornicator instead of a #serial-killer. The bodies would be stacked 10 high in Boot Hill.

WWW is not the stud he used to be and that is troubling him

However WWW wants to define or try to rationalize the fling he had with a Stary Eyed foolish intern; it was an #inexcusable act. Butt, just like most spoiled brats; WWW has been getting away with his #philandering for many years and thought he was #pecker-proof.

Andddddddd the anti-Trump fools wanted to #impeach Trump for saying #pussy!! Go figure. #Double-standard?? You bet-cha.

Donald Trump Access Hollywood tape – Wikipediaen.wikipedia.org › wiki › Donald_Trump_Access_Hollywood_tape

On October 7, 2016, during the 2016 United States presidential election, The Washington Post … Trump and some of his supporters claimed that Trump was not saying he … When questioned by police he referenced a quote [“Grab them by the pussy”] from the tape, and that the President of the United States says it’s okay to …

One would think by now WWW would have wised up and realized that silence is golden.

WWW should look into whether Epstein’s #SEX-ISLAND is for sale. He could make the purchase, go there, put his toes toward the sun and live out his last days in peace and quiet.

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