Who opened the cage and let these animals out ….

Horrific video: Vicious New York City mugging caught on camera


I know that parents can not be held #accountable for the actions of their brats; BUTT I will take a wild guess and assume that there has to be some #dysfunctionality in the families of these THUGS . This is #not-normal-behavior.

Are the authorities going to slap the #THUGS on the wrist and act like this never happened; they are too young to know better?? This situation is one of the reason I stress #EDUCATION so much. Educated/#well-behave kids do not act like this. The #animalistic #thug in he picture is taking a flying leap at the kid on the ground. WTF has our civilization regressed to?? Nothing short of pathetic.

To make matter worse; the #victim of this #savage #beat-down was a girl.; all for a pair of tennis shoes. I bet the #scumbag thugs were called #heroes by their #homies.

NYPD Brooklyn North Commanding Officer Jeffrey Maddrey called the video “sickening” in a tweet Friday morning.

“We cannot allow this behavior in our community,” he said.

Mr. Maddery; I would suggest you and your officer lobby to get the laws changed.

The video begins with the girl already on the ground and one of the boys kicking her in the chest and face, the New York Post reported. He is then joined by the others, including one who jumps on top of her, then kicks her in the head.

Brave sons-a-bitch, HUH!!

Sad state of affairs the USA is in. I wonder if the thugs will be allowed #bail?? Left with little to no #consequences for their actions is only going to #intensify these situations.

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