Why not the crucifixion of Jesus – why not the Holocaust – why not the Civil war …..

Debra Messing blames Trump for coronavirus while citing false stats: ‘He puts Americans in mortal danger’



There has to be some very #toxic #ingredient in the red dye this #nitwit uses to color her hair for her to keep making #outlandish statements about Trump as she does. Got something #logical – got something #tangible/real – got something #intelligent to say; OK; if not GIRL, #STFU.

I will tell you who the #mortal dangers to this country are, #crack-pots like her. Running their mouth, kicking their heels and stirring up the #shit-pot, just to keep relevant. Must be hard to accept, knowing you are on your way out.

Thank goodness most of the people in the country consider the source and fluff her nonsense off; but there are a good number of fools that idolize idiots like her and buy into their madness. 99.9% of what she says doesn’t even make sense.

While the nitwit is at it; she might as well go the whole route. Why not blame the crucifixion of Jesus – why not the Holocaust – why not the Civil war on Trump??

I would think; that for no other reason, fools like #la-folle-testa-rossa would think twice before their opened that fly trap and making #illogical statements the way she does. She is an #embarrassment to herself.


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