Who can we tell when they have reached the bottom of the barrel ????

Flavor Flav tells Bernie Sanders to stop promoting ‘#false narrative’ using Public Enemy’s name

Statement by Flavo’s mouth-piece: “The continued publicizing of this #grossly #misleading #narrative is, at a minimum, #careless and #irresponsible if not #intentionally #misleading. Flav is reaching out, not in the spirit of division, but for the sake of unity in the hope of preserving the integrity of the Public Enemy Movement and the faith and trust his millions of fans around the world have placed in him,” the letter states.

How can we tell when something has reached the pathetic level?? When people like Flavo are insulted by a politicians #rhetoric. In order to get the votes, Bernie has offered everything under the sun except a #honeymoon weekend with a relative in the Caribbean.

We wonder why intelligent people #dislike #politicians?? Bernie and constituents are an insult to the American peoples intelligence. It can be Bern smoke too many of Fidel’s cigars and they #deteriorated his brain.


Who else but a certified nut case would idolize someone like Castro? Sanders is not even smart enough to keep his true inner feels under his belt until the election is over. I am sure his latest declaration will get him all of the Cuban refugees votes.

This is what he is offering to make America Great Again:


Even these guys knows he is NUTS!!

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