Loyalty can not be bought …..

UFC President Dana White doesn’t care if he loses fans over Trump friendship: ‘I don’t give a shit’


Being from the #OLD #SCHOOL, through the years; I have witnessed the #transformation (not a pretty one), of the #integrity and #friendship between people go down the drain #dramatically. There was only one Judas we ever heard of; now there are millions of them roaming the earth.

Years ago, a #man’s #word and #handshake was his #bond. It was almost like a #sacred thing; a #badge of #honor. Not anymore. It is every man for them-self.

It is very easy to be friends when times are good; but when times are bad, and you look behind you, those left standing are your true friends.

PDT and Dana White are from the same time and #era I am speaking of. Dana doesn’t give a shit if his #friendship with Trump will hurt his business. He is a friend to the end, #good – #bad or #indifferent. That is how it used to be.

I #admire both men. I don’t #necessarily #agree with everything they do, but I admire their #backbone and #loyalty to #old #friends, no matter what the cost.

The world would be a better place if these old school respects still existed.

These days, better have eyes in the back of your head .

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3 Responses to Loyalty can not be bought …..

  1. Next Sunday; I will add this to my “reads” section. I have been troubled by the sellouts and the Judases. It hurts to see men not stick up for their people when it is convenient to do the opposite. Thank you for the insight!

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