He can’t even handle his own son ….

Biden threat to #gun-manufacturers: When I’m president, “I’m coming for you and I’m taking you down”

In the true Biden line of #bullshit; JJ (Jokin Joe) told the gun manufacturers in South Caroline; “I’m coming for you, and I’m taking you down.”



This guy can’t even take care of his out of control kid Hunter, BUTT he is going to take down the big boys in the gun business. What he should have done years back was taken down Hunters pants and whipped his ass for him.

JJ has been hiding out, covering-up and protecting his kid all his life; resulting in him being a #druggie – #alcoholic – #shaking up with his dead brother wife and was asked to leave the military where his father tucked him away from the headlines. Those incidents were for starters. JJ has to learn to clean his own house before you preach to others.

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