Anyone want to buy a Senate seat ?????

Rod Blagojevich, Anderson Cooper spar over ex-gov’s record, #criminal case: ‘Just #bullshit …..

I really don’t care too much for Gloria’s Kid, BUTT have less use for the Pompadour Kid.


The two #combatants got into a very heated #sparring-match last night over the criminal record of Blagojevich. Cooper claiming Roddy was guilty as sin and Roddy, put on the cross and compared himself to Nelson Mandella.

Cooper always reminded me of a kid, sticking a branch into a bee hove, trying to piss them off.
Roddy always reminded me of a crooked politician who thought he could walk on water.

Roddy (AKA – The Pompadour Kid), then the governor of Illinois was about as #sleazy as one could get. He was; #impeached and removed from office for corruption; he solicited bribes for political appointments, including Barack Obama’s vacant U.S. Senate seat after Obama was elected president in 2008. Blagojevich was convicted and sentenced to 14 years in federal prison.

Wikipedia: In December 2008, then-Governor of Illinois Rod Blagojevich and his Chief of Staff John Harris were charged with corruption by federal prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald. As a result, Blagojevich was impeached by the Illinois General Assembly and removed from office by the Illinois Senate in January 2009. The federal investigation continued after his removal from office, and he was indicted on corruption charges in April of that year.[3] The jury found Blagojevich guilty of one charge of making false statements with a mistrial being declared on the other 23 counts due to a hung jury after 14 days of jury deliberation.[4] On June 27, 2011, after a retrial, Blagojevich was found guilty of 17 charges (including wire fraud, attempted extortion, and conspiracy to solicit bribes), not guilty on one charge and the jury deadlocked after 10 days of deliberation on the two remaining charges.[5][6] On December 7, 2011, Blagojevich was sentenced to 14 years in prison.[7]

Much of the #corruption and #shakedowns were caught on tape. That being said; Roddy still maintains his #innocents.

You gotta give these #politicians credit, they bullshit with a straight face and all of them, female alike, have #giant-balls. They will flat out lie when the truth is staring them in the face and caught with their hands stuck in the cookie jar.

What cookie jar?? I don’t see a cookie jar

It was a cut and dry case against Roddy; even Ray Charles could see that. One #unsavory #politician was running for #president and his #senate seat would be vacated; so the other crook saw an opportunity to make a few rubbles and put the seat #up-for-sale, like it was a pair of shoes, to the #highest-bidder. This just shows the #arrogance of these fools. They know they are breaking the law; #BUTT are so #egotistical, they think they will not be caught.

The spat ended like most of them do; no hard feelings. It is all in the name of show biz and who can make the other fool look more like a fool when they both do.

Roddy gotta go back to the bottle, that gray doo; it is not very becoming.

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