Will he ever – don’t hold your breath …..

Al Sharpton’s 2004 campaign still owes $900K after failed presidential bid

Owes money more than 15 years after his 2004 campaign



How do you define evil?

adjective. #morally-wrong or bad; #immoral; #wicked: evil deeds; an evil life. #harmful; #injurious: evil laws. characterized or accompanied by #misfortune or suffering; unfortunate; #disastrous: to be fallen on evil days. due to actual or imputed #bad-conduct or character: an evil reputation.

The definition may have left one or two examples out, BUTT they pretty much describe Albert Sharpless to the “T”.

This DUDE has broke about as many laws as he could possibly #commit. Better yet he has gotten away with all of them. Why has he #eluded any #punishment for his #crimes; because he can yell #RACISM louder and better than anyone. As soon as Albert’s back is against the wall; out comes the #race-card.


May be a poor example, BUTT you will get the gist of it. I have always maintained; if some guy is going to cheat on his wife and he does it with a stranger, I can partially accept his actions. BUTT if this same guy is getting some #nooky from his sister or sister-in-law; that is a horse of another color. I think you get the drift.

Albert has been #screwing his OWN people for decades by constantly stirring the racism fires. If he and his #cohorts would preach education instead of hatred, the black community may #advance to where they want to be. #Hatred is like a #poison that eats away at people. The more it eats away at them; the more #violent they become.

Do I suggest that all of the horrors of what the black people had to endure for decades be forgotten?? Absolutely not. I do say; put it in the closet and lock the door. Yesterday can not be changed, but tomorrow and beyond will have a productive/positive outcome if people try to make changes through education.

When was the first or last time we ever heard Shapeless refer to education as a solution to the black communities problems?? NEVER.

The guy knows the right buttons to push to get his people #riled up. But, let me try to enlighten them; you are not his people. Good leaders do not #abuse their people; they teach by example and try to always make the next day better than the one before.

Based on his history; do we really think that Sharpless is going to pay the 900 G’s off or any other debt he owes. HELL NO. That would be racist for us to expect that.

I almost forgot to mention this little #tit-bit. I think there is a connection that should be mentioned. Why would TMC appoint Sharpless to an #ambassador position, based on his #questionable past?? Should we call it the BIRDS-OF-A-FEATHER PHENOMENON? Was Albert the most qualified black man to fill that position at the time?? What an insult to the rest of them. I understand he had a key to the front door of the White House.

BIRDS-OF-A-FEATHER PHENOMENON. The tendency of people or organisms that are attracted because of like attributes. BIRDS-OF-A-FEATHER PHENOMENON: “The birds-of-a-feather phenomenon shows that people with similar likes will be attracted to each other.”Apr 7, 2013

Al Sharpton Becomes Obama’s Ambassador to Black …www.wsj.com › articles

Mar 17, 2010 – Al Sharpton was known for his activist, racially polarizing views. … Committee Chairman Timothy Kaine conferred with Mr. Sharpton this … L. Douglas Wilder, America’s first elected black governor, said that Mr. Obama “went to …

If I were a restaurant owner and saw Al and his crew approaching, I would lock the door. Read between the lines.

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