‘I love my #husband’: Buttigieg responds to Limbaugh claiming America is not ready for a gay president

Come on you #intelligent ladies and gents; just how #crazy #liberal can anyone get. It is #not-natural, I don’t care what anyone says.

I am not putting down people that are legitimately gay (lots of pretenders out there); what I am saying; the media should quit #force-feeding the kids of this country. #Symbolism like this is #dangerous.

I remember when Wild Bill Clinton’s defense team (also worms) claimed the oral sex was not a sex act. He certainly influenced many young kids in this country into believing in him.

When Sex Is Not Really Having Sex

*It was only oral. It was passive. So that does not count.

By Walter Kirn

(TIME, february 2) — Should President Clinton ever face impeachment proceedings over the Lewinsky mess, it’s a fair bet that the meaning of oral arguments will never be the same. A joke? Not at all. A legitimate possibility. For there is growing evidence to suggest that the issue of whether oral sex is actually sex, though it sounds like a question from a cheesy adult party game, may eventually form the basis of Clinton’s legal defense.

To what extent will some #worms #slighter to #manipulate and #twist the #law. Not much worse than this.

Point being; the USA is not ready for a gay president. I would hope there are enough intelligent people in this country that can see the side effects of such a bad decision.

Remember; if there were only John and Jake or Jill and Jane, none of us would be here.

Argue with that.

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