What a promoter – he gotta love the attention…

Trump to rev up Daytona 500 with #historic lap in #presidential #limo, ‘The Beast’

THE MAN sure knows how to promote. The Donald, as he was refereed to before he became PDT; has been at it most of his life and knows how to get the most out of a promotional opportunity. and what is bigger than The Daytona 500. He is one clever business man. More business man than republican.

The 22,000 pound #BEAST is just one of the cars GM was commissioned for as part of a $15.8 million contract. In that contract, there will be multiple armored cars built. In comparison, the total weight of a regular Escalade is 5,800 pounds. The extra weight is attributed to all of the #armor – #bullet proof glass and bomb proof material the car is made out of.

NBC reported that the car features armor made of aluminum, ceramic, and steel; the exterior walls have a thickness of eight inches (200 mm), the windows are multi-layered and five inches (130 mm) thick, and each door—believed to weigh as much as those on the Boeing 757—can electrify its handles to prevent entry.

PDT is going to take his ELECTION #victory #lap a little early this year when he motors around the Daytona Speed way before the race.


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