Shudda threw a drink on the idiot …

American Airlines passenger in seat recliner controversy wants to press charges, flight attendant fired

The woman who said her reclined seat was repeatedly #punched by an airline passenger sitting behind her, now says she wants to press charges against him.

Wendi Williams, who posted a now-viral video of the tense encounter, said the unidentified man should be charged with assault. What’s more, she said the attendant on the American Eagle flight (a subsidiary of American Airlines) should be fired.

This #seat-beating-nutcase is the kind of an #idiot that may go #skitzo any second and pull out an #AK-47.

I agree that the #bandit-airline cram us in the seat like a bunch of #sardines; BUTT if the seats were not meant to recline, they could fix them so they don’t. The lady is absolutely right in be #pissed off at the fool behind her.

The dispute between the two passengers was over Williams’ reclining her seat, which the man complained took up his space. He asked her to put up her seat while he ate, and Williams said she obliged. However, she reclined her chair again once when he finished.

That’s when she said he began violently punching it. Williams said she thought filming the man would make him stop his “ridiculous” antics.

It is not bad enough to have to deal with all of the inconveniences of flying; throw in an #obnoxious #asshole behind you; that puts the icing on the cake.


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