Once about a time ….

Bloomberg campaign downplays report he is considering Hillary Clinton as running mate



Once about a time;

another #desperate person named John chose a #dig-bat/wild-canary from #Alaska as a running mate and it backfired on him big time. Moves made out of #desperation/haste most of the time do not turn out the way the person anticipated.


CHC would be more of an anchor to Bloomberg than and an asset.

We must remember one very important thing. ALL of the people are in that tight-nit circle (the #assassins) were behind the #impeachment and witch hunt of PDT, whether they are very vocal or not. CHC is one of the main players in that chess game and actually caused the #impeachment proceeding; all because she lost the election to Trump.

Now we have Bloomberg, the dark horse that came out of the gate very late, is looking for the person that gives him a chance against #beating Trump. I have some new for the lad; he does not stand a chance regardless of who he taps on the shoulder.

One other issue to consider. Will CHC accept the offer if Bloomberg comes across?? I don’t know if the #egomaniac could stand being #2.

If this does happen by some miracle and they did win the election, Mikie better watch out for the guy with the umbrella. I heard the The Judo Guy’s rent a dart are reasonable. CHC would go from # 2 to #1 instantly.


Pete – repeat: The only person that can/will beat Donald Trump for his second term is Donald Trump himself.

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