The #SHORT #PANTS are talking ….

#Meghan Markle, #Prince Harry will skip Prince Andrew’s birthday, royal source claims: ‘It’s an open secret’

Harry and MM may have what they think is a good case for not attending Harry’s uncle BIRF-DAY party, but Andy has not been proven guilty yet. Although; one would have to be a complete fool not the see the obvious, where Andy was tied into the Epstein fiasco.

This is just one of the #Royal occasions that #Harry and #MM have used to keep their #separation from the rest of the royal family.

I wonder how their #anonymity is working out for them. After all; their main reason/purpose for them leaving The Mother Land was to stay out of the #limelight.

Let the #Oldies but #Goodies song peak for itself.

From all outward appearences; the SHORT PANTS are winning the war.

I would be willing to wager; unless Harry is completely #PUSSY #WHIPPED, he will live to regret his #capitulations whole-heartedly somewhere down the road.

It is a shame to see such a once tight knitted family be broken up after a marriage. One can only come to one conclusion. It did not exist before, BUTT now it does. You tell me.

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