One of my wisest moves …..

Florida VA program helps elite warriors heal unseen wounds of war

Although I have great #insurance coverage; a couple of years ago I decided to sign up with the #VA and take advantage of my #military #benefits; as a #JUST-IN-CASE. Little did I know just how #beneficial they would be for me down the road.

About a year and a half ago I was diagnosed with a illness that required some very potent, high priced medicine. Bought without insurance; Eliquis oral tablet 2.5 mg is around $501 and Tikosyn oral capsule 125 mcg is around $444 for a supply of 40 capsules. Those are for starters.

Through the VA; both are 11.00$ each per prescription. What does that tell you; some sons-a-bitches are raping all the people of this country that are on medication. That is not including the four other prescriptions I take. What is our government doing about it. What is inside the hole in a donut? Nothing!!

The #purchase prices of the #drugs is only the tip of the iceberg. The #service and the #professionalism at the VA; for my experience, is second to none. They are all very #accommodating; and at the same time very #personable/friendly. They bend over backwards to service their patients.

I still see some doctors at the #Cleveland #Clinic because they are convenient and closer to where I live. Being on the reserved side; I told all of the doctors I see at the clinic what a great organization the VA runs. I also explained, in my opinion what the difference between the two was.

The VA has people working for them because they are #dedicated to helping others; You know, like the #Hippocratic-Oath that many of the doctors outside the VA forgot.

I recently had one doctor at the clinic tell me; if you have a problem, go to the emergency room. I DO NOT see people in my office. I have to sleep sometime. I wish I had it on tape.

In short; not all, but many of the doctors who are in #private-practice or work for a hospital; it is all about the BOTTOM LINE. They are under extreme pressure for ABOVE to bring home the #bacon, in very big slabs. While the doctors with the VA are NOT out to keep the shareholders happy; their focus is to help the vets the best they can.

When was the last time you had a doctor apologize for keeping you waiting??

On the other side of the coin; from my experience, at least 95% of the nurses with the hospitals are very warm and compassionate people. 99 – 100% of the nurses with the VA are tremendous people. I have not personally had a bad experience with one yet.

The whole scenario in a nut shell; the #private #hospitals are out to make the #big-bucks; while the VA is there to service the people that keep/kept this country safe. #Enormous difference.

If there are any #veterans out there that are #not #taking #advantage of the service the VA has to offer; fellow servicemen and women; you are missing the boat.‎

Department Of Veteran Affairs | Contact Us Today |‎

(866) 332-9594

Find your local Veterans Affairs Office, Get Help. You Can Help. Active in Emergencies. Find Out Ways To Help. Verified Charity. DVNF’s Grants Available. Support Disabled Veterans. Improve A Veteran’s Life. Health & Comfort Program. Help Support Our Heroes.

Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Get the details and sign up. It is very easy. You never know when the devil is going to come flying around the corner and bite you in the ass.

#Semper-Fi to all of the people at the Veterans Administration from the top down and a special thanks to all the people that have helped me out in the greater Cleveland, Ohio and Willoughby facilities. You are doing an absolutely #fantastic service for all the vet that use your services.

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