#Scumbag #perverts come in all #shapes, #sizes #backgrounds ….

Valdosta State dean, 14 others arrested in child sex sting

The sting, titled “Operation Broken Arrow,” lead to the arrest of scumbags from around the southern portion of the state of Georgia, with the alleged intent to meet children for #sex. How sick can a person be??

Those arrested ranged from the ages of 24 to 57. Their occupations included a retail manager, truck driver, electrician, customer service representative, forklift driver and student, according to the GBI.


Keith Walters, 44, who listed on VSU’s website as the dean of the College of Science and Mathematics as well as a chemistry professor, was arrested after allegedly sending a minor obscene material and trying to meet them for sex.

We try to rationalize certain situations based on a persons status in life or their education levels. Let say we hear of a crime a day worker committed; we possibly think, the guy was uneducated and didn’t know better. But when we get people with the prefix of #doctor in front of their name committing the same crime, it makes us really scratch our head.

People like this should be held to a #higher-standard; just like the #sick-o #priests in the Catholic religion.

In my opinion; the penalties for people in more responsible positions should be great than for the average person .

There doesn’t seem to be any let-up or relief in the criminal world at all levels. It is getting worse by the day. I always said mankind is going to destroy himself; this is one step in that direction.

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