Floating coffin …

Cruise ship stranded at sea amid #coronavirus fears, denied help by 3 countries and Guam

Talk about going #stir-crazy. The MS Westerdam cruise ship has been stuck at sea for nearly two weeks and will remain without a port after Thailand became the latest nation to block its entry amid possible fears of the coronavirus on Tuesday.

Can anyone really blame the countries for refusing them entry to their ports??

I think a sense able solution would be; send a team of healthcare personal to the ship and examine everyone on board. If they are all found healthy, it should not be a problem allowing them to dock.

How long can they be expected to float around in limbo??

Passengers have been given complimentary phone and Internet access. The cruise line said that all passengers will receive a 100 percent refund for the trip and a 100 credit to their next cruise. AUSM; who in their right mind would go on another cruise after an experience like this. You could not get me on a cruise ship for all the tea in China.

This may the THE BIG ONE folks. There supposedly will not be a vaccination for the cure for two years. The way this virus is growing so rapidly, there can be a very heavy body count in a two year period.

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