The very same reason I quit watching boxing …..

Jon Jones’ #UFC #victory over Dominick Reyes is #disputed

I did not watch the #MMA match between Jones and Reyes on #pay-for-view because I don’t want to pay fifty or more dollar$ for something I am already paying 200.00$ a month for. What I read about the fight is that Reyes won the match and the #FIX-WAS-IN.

Years back, before MMA came on to the scene, boxing was so crooked it was almost laughable. The fix was in on almost ever fight, so I quit watching the fights as did many other people. Result; the boxing game was in big trouble for years and almost #vanished off the face of the earth.

When the MMA started televising fights, they were a #pleasure to watch because the #judging in the fights was on the up and up.

But with popularity, here comes the crooks. Since the sport of MMA has become gigantic, and there is so much money at stake, naturally the #crooks came out of the woodwork wanting to get their #greedy fingers in the action.

Where does #THE-FIX come in. There are a couple of different scenarios possible. The fights winner is predetermined well before the fighters even get into the ring. The crooks place big money on #THEIR-GUY and persuade them to throw the fight. Or another possibility; the crooks get to the judges and pay them big money to score unfairly.

So goes MMA, possibly down the road of corruption????

This is what Dana White had to say about the decision between Jone and Reyes. .

Jon Jonesregarded by many fans as the greatest mixed martial artist who ever lived, retained his title at UFC 247 Saturday night in Houston, but opinions on the outcome were anything but unanimous.

UFC President Dana White addressed what turned out to be a disputed decision.

“The scoring was all over the map,” White said. “My kids are #terrorizing me that, ‘The fix is in, how did this happen?’

“People had it all over the place, but the reality is … we’re not judges. The judges call the fight, and that’s that. As far as the judging and the reffing tonight, do I think it was perfect? I do not. We need to do some work down here.”

I don’t know how anyone else #interrupts what White said; to me, it is just short of being an #admission of THE FIX was in.

Is there anything on this planet that is not #corrupted by the big money?? It does not seem so.

In this case, it appears that THE FIX was in with one of the judges.

Even White noted that he thought Reyes had a 3-1 edge entering the final round.

“I do feel disrespected,” Reyes said. “One of the judges had it 49-46. Who are you? I might want to have a word with you. I know I won that fight.”

If this nonsense of improper judging and scoring continues, the MMA may see itself in the same predicament boxing did years back when people quit watching it because of THE FIX.

Side note:

Just to show you how big the money is behind the UFC; it was purchased for 2 million and sold a few years later for 4 billion. Not a bad profit. › 2016/07/11 › news › companies › ufc-sold
UFC owners turn $2 million into $4 billion – Business –

Jul 11, 2016 – UFC was launched in 1993 and purchased for just $2 million in 2001 … The $4 billion sales price represents a 72% annual return, every year, …

What I would like to see happen; a special committee of judges be set up to review the fight and re-score it. Next; check the judges bank accounts to see if any 00000 were added to the accounts recently. It is not fair to Reyes and the people that bet on him.

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