So you think being #ultra-liberal works ……

NYC cops ‘#declaring war’ on Mayor de Blasio, union says, following ‘#assassination attempts’ on #officers

Between the Cuomo Twins and Willie Whilham (AKA De blasio) they are on a real mission to destroy New York City and New York State. Which side of the law are these fools on anyway?? › articles › politics › new-york-state › heres-…
Here’s why some NYC inmates may be released early | CSNY

Nov 5, 2019 – The law, which made it into the state’s 2020 budget is set to go into effect Jan. 1, 2020. In the new year, cash bail requirements will be lifted for anyone charged with a misdemeanor or nonviolent crime. › 2019/11/03 › nearly-900-city-inmates-may-be-freed-ev…
Nearly 900 city inmates may be freed even before bail-reform …

Nov 3, 2019 – The proposed early jail release is tied to a law that Cuomo signed in the … “With every law that New York Democrats roll back, our streets become less safe. Their platform that caters to convicts and protects hardened criminals …

Their #incompetence if off the charts. Are these fools that #simple-minded that they really believe rewarding bad with early releases or no bail necessary?? It has been proven that many of these #criminals go directly back in the streets after early release and commit yet more crimes. What does it take for the governor and mayor to see that they made a very poor decision. The only thing preventing them from #rescinding their ruling is their ignorance and ego. If it is not working, change it.

Especially Willie Whilman; he has created a division between himself and the cops in New York City that is affecting the safety and security of all the citizens. The man’s ignorance is overwhelming. Can’t they see by the #disastrous results of rulings that they are not feasibly sound. ?? › … › Political Issues
New York- no bail law, already backfiring | The Leading Glock …

Jan 13, 2020 – 20 posts – ‎17 authorsUnder the new law, this process no longer takes place for the majority of cases, as courts are now prohibited from setting any monetary bail .. › news › new › government › 2020/01/21
From the Assembly: New York reeling after bail reform backfires

Jan 21, 2020 – From the Assembly: New York reeling after bail reform backfires … Surely, the proponents of this bill do not want career criminals — individuals …

Talk about #impeachment for dereliction of duty. Willie is a prime candidate.

Willie is a member of that select group of anti-American socialists that are determined to take down this country, by #hook or #crook. What the hell is the matter with these fools?? The very same question I AXED of TMC; whose side are they on anyway??

It is the mission of the socio-democrats to throw as many monkey wrenches into the once well oil wheels of government, in order to cause a permanent disaster. Then the organizers of the POLITICAL PONZI SCHEME; after sucking in the masses with #hypothetical/unattainable promises; crawl out from under their rock and reap the spoils. › Personal Finance › Financial Fraud
Ponzi Scheme Definition – Investopedia

Jun 25, 2019 – A #Ponzi-scheme is a #fraudulent investing scam promising high rates of return with little risk to investors. The Ponzi scheme generates returns for …

Don’t forget who coined the phrase Political Ponzi Scheme.

Where is all this madness going to end?? If conditions continues to go down hill as they are; the results are not going to be pretty!!

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