Both Bidens have to be #shitting #razor-blades ….

Rudy Giuliani #predicts Trump will be ‘#totally-vindicated’ by ‘smoking gun’ in Hunter Biden probe: ‘#We’ve-got-the-documents’

Jokin Joe and Hunter have to be shitting razor blades. The Hunters are now the hunted.

JJ was one of the #assassins that #spear-headed the #attempted #take-down of PDT, for what they claimed were #illegal #transaction/activities between Trump and #Ukraine government and Ukraine officials. The outcome of the #witch-hunt cleared Trump of any wrong doing; demonstrating Trump was only doing what any good president should do; making sure that the citizens of the USA behave when they are in foreign countries.

In the #interim of JJ trying to #lynch Trump; JJ opened a #gigantic can of #whoop-ass worms and his strategy #backfired on him; bringing attention to his and his kids illegal activities in Ukraine. › hunter-biden-life-scandals-ukraine-involv…
Hunter Biden’s life, scandals, how he landed in Trump’s …

Nov 21, 2019 – A DNA test revealed Hunter Biden fathered a baby with another woman … of interest involving a business he was involved in and the Ukrainian … › watch
Joe Biden Brags about getting Ukranian Prosecutor Fired …

Sep 20, 2019 – The date typo on the opening screen is corrected below: In 2016 Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, in his investigation of corruption …

Was it just a coincident that the prosecutor Biden had #fired was #investigating the oil company his kid was working for?? I don’t think so. › news › article-7592235 › Hunter-Biden-paid-…
Hunter Biden ‘was paid $83,333 a month by Ukrainian gas …

Oct 19, 2019 – Biden, in the interview added that he didn’t discuss his business dealings in Ukraine … Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney make final preparations … How much Biden earned at Burisma has also become a central issue.

83,3333.00$ a month and didn’t know a gas pump from an oil drilling rig.

JJ’s #ego is so inflated; he wants all of the world to believe that he had no involvement getting his kid on the oil company #payroll; who by the way, has no knowledge or back ground in the field. #GMAFB.

I don’t won’t even mention, JJ was the vice president of the USA at the time the shake down took place.


JJ is worse than than the other JJ, # Jesse Jackson who #shook-down #Budweiser to #GIVE his kid #distributorship or he #threatened to have the black community #boycott the beer giant. And yes, they did cave in and took care of the kid. Later the kid sold the business for huge profits. › archives › la-xpm-1998-nov-21-nc-46240-story
Jesse Jackson’s Sons to Buy Beer Distributor – Los Angeles …

Nov 21, 1998 – Jesse Jackson’s Sons to Buy Beer Distributor. Anheuser-Busch Cos. said it agreed to sell a Chicago beer distributorship to a group led by two sons of civil rights leader Jesse Jackson, who 16 years ago spearheaded a boycott against the world’s largest beer maker.

Can we conclude that this was an #illegal #shake-down and JJ (not Biden) should have gone to jail?? I can bet we all know why he caught a pass. Because he was a very visible black preacher, and a crooked one at that.

The #fools that participated in the witch-hunt chose the wrong person to go to war with. They thought PDT was going to lay on the ground and allow them to kick the shit out of him. They should have thought over their #chess-move more carefully before starting the game.

Under normal circumstances; I don’t see either of the Bidens swinging from the gallows over their breaking of the law; BUTTTTT these are #not-normal-circumstances with a very #unorthodox person leading the parade. The man is relentless.

Hold on to your hats and bonnets; there is a #storm-brewing and it could be a big one.

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1 Response to Both Bidens have to be #shitting #razor-blades ….

  1. JCscuba says:

    Biden is DOA.

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