Why Seeing #God #Now???

#Killers #remorse

Click on the link to see what other inmates has to say before the switch was pulled. Some went out #apologetically and others went out the way they came in and took the hard road.



CRIME: Fatally shooting his wife, father-in-law, sister-in-law, 7-year-old daughter and 9-month-old daughter. This dog killed an entire family.

EXECUTION DATE: 2-6-20, #lethal-injection

THE DOD=GS LAST BARK:  “I would like to thank God, my dad, my Lord Jesus savior for saving me and changing my life. I want to apologize to my in-laws for causing all this emotional pain. I love y’all and consider y’all my sister I never had. I want to thank you for forgiving me.”

Evidently some family members #forgave this animal. That would be a cold day in HELL, where he is going.

Why did he see god after the fact?? Why didn’t he see god before he murdered all these people??

That seems to be a pattern with many #criminals after they are sent up for life or death. Instead of walking around with a pistol under their belt, they carry a #bible under their arm. 95% of it has to be an act. All of a sudden, they are the victims.

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The defenses of #insanity, drug induced, #schizophrenia, #molested, came from a #dysfunctional family (so did 10’s of 1,000’s of other people that did not become criminals) or any other off the wall plea, should not be admissible. What do the authorities do with a mad dog when he is captured??

As well as believing in the #death-penalty, even more, I #condone an #eye-for-an-eye. That would seem to even the playing field a little more to my liking.

What can be more fair?? You take a life, you have to give your life.

One thing a lot of #bleeding-hearts do not consider. Many of the criminals that are sent up have it better #behind-bars than they did on the outside.


It is like #old-home-week when the iron gate slams behind them. Half of their friends and family are waiting for them.


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