It took 3 #fools to write this article …..

In 1999, Bill Clinton was ‘humbled’ by impeachment. Now, Donald Trump unloads on a ‘#phony, #rotten-deal.’

Ledyard King John Fritze David Jackson


How can any #supposedly #intelligent #responsible #reporter make a #comparison between what Slick Willie did and what Trump allegedly did. Does USA TODAY really pay these guy to write?? If the USA wants some #excellent/responsible reporting, I am available.

There is absolutely no way there can be a comparison of what Willie did and what Trump’s accusers say he did.

Trump has ever right in the world to be indignant for the accusations. #Theoretically, what Trump did was for the #benefit of the #USA, although he may have skirted diplomacy somewhat. What Slick did as for the sexual satisfaction and ego boost of an old pervert.

Remember Willie’s daughter is only 8 years younger than Lewinsky. If for no other reason, Willie should have been able to control his OLD WILLIE.

Remember the infamous video that he did it with a straight face,

If it would have been a women his age or slightly younger, in my opinion, it would have not been such a big issue or an issue at all (look back at what the #Kennedy boys did) ; since he was #philandering for years right under the nose of CHC. She had to rubber stamp his #extra-curricular activities.

According to the Three Stooges: When President Bill Clinton walked into the Rose Garden more than two decades ago, having avoided removal from office in the nation’s previous impeachment saga, one of his first words was “sorry.” 


President Donald Trump’s scorched-earth reaction after his impeachment acquittal contrasted starkly. Trump used an East Room address Thursday to attack Democrats and others he views as enemies.

Calling them #”scum” and #”evil,” Trump said his opponents supported a #”corrupt” impeachment to bring down his presidency.

“We went through hell #unfairly,” Trump said in a 63-minute  speech, much of which was #freewheeling. “They kept it going forever because they wanted to inflict political pain on somebody that had just won an election.”

Trump had ever right to use that #verbiage. I am surprised he did not throw in a few MOTHERS AND FATHERS at them.

You have to remember; the Boulder Rollers attacked everyone in his family including his very young son Baron. This was the most egregious with hunt in political history. Should Trump’s jaws be tight; you beat your ass they should.

SOOOO, Ledyard King John Fritze David Jackson; (AKA The Three Stooges) regroup and see if you guys can come up with a better comparison between the two.


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