#House-cleaning already started with #Judas #1 …..

#Impeachment witness Vindman #fired, escorted out of White House after Trump #acquittal

Lt. Col. Alexander (AKA JUDAS) Vindman, who made waves as a witness during the Trump impeachment proceedings, was fired Friday by the National Security Council and escorted off of the White House grounds, Fox News has confirmed.

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Vidman is the kind of guy that can only climb the ladder of success by #ass-kissing

It is pretty difficult to get any #lower than a person, a JUDAS; someone that sells you out for a few pieces of silver after you have put your faith and trust in them. #Loyalty and true #friendship are two qualities that can not be bought; they are either born in a person or do not exist.

When the going is great, it is very easy to ride on the band wagon. When the going get rough, the people that are left standing behind you are your true friends. They are like Hen’s teeth.

PDT bought a new broom and just started to clean house.

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2 Responses to #House-cleaning already started with #Judas #1 …..

  1. I’ve been waiting for this traitor to get fired.

  2. bzerob says:

    What about his twin? Isn’t he also NSC? And the one responsible for reviewing all NSC publications, including John Bolton’s unpublished manuscript the NYT is magically reporting as ‘breaking news’. Hmmmmmm!

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