Isn’t that what reporters do….

Gayle King ‘very angry,’ calls out CBS over clip of her asking about Kobe Bryant’s rape charge

Let us not #canonize the guy because he was #super-athlete; he had many different sides to him, many very good and many not something to write home to Ma Ma about.

It seems to be a pattern; when some celebs bite the dust (make their exit), all of a sudden, all of the sins are absolved or forgiven and their #groupies all get a case of amnesia.

Great example Michael Jackson: Even the animals he had in his #Never-Never-Land-Zoo knew he was a #pedophile, BUTT many of his faithful denied the facts. Facts are facts.

Would you have allowed one of your kids or grand kids to do a SLEEP OVER with the King Of Pop?? I hate to hear some of the answers. › News › People
Michael Jackson paid £134 million in payoffs to stop up to 20 …

Apr 7, 2015 – Lawyers are alleging that Michael Jackson paid $200 million [£134 million] in hush money to keep as many as 20 victims quiet – and that he held a “wedding” with one. … They missed the statutory deadline for filing their claims in 2013 and 2014

Gayle King did the right thing, asking the tough questions.

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