1st is boxing – next maybe WWF ……

Antonio Brown, Logan Paul agree to boxing match

Brown #bucked-the-system and lost big time. He has been (excused the pun) #black-balled and #shunned at every turn. He thought he was #indispensable with that Ipana smile that has opened many doors to him, BUTT he was wrong.


Brown had the world by the ass and didn’t know it. Virtually everyone has been telling him how great he was for so long, the lad believed it. Then the bottom dropped out when he went against the most powerful NFL and on top of that was accused of sexual molestation.

#Egomaniacs like Brown don’t know what the word NO means. They get the N and the G mixed up. The ladies say NO, BUTT guys like Brown think they said GO.

The lad is so #down-and-out had to sell his pad in PA and that was just the beginning of his hard times.

www.latimes.com › sports › story › antonio-brown-dropped-by-his-a…
Antonio Brown conditionally dropped by his agent, reports say …

Jan 16, 2020 – Brown is being investigated by the NFL after being accused of sexual assault by one woman and sexual misconduct by another. He hasn’t played since Week 2 of the 2019 season in what was his only game as a member of the New England Patriots. He worked out for the New Orleans Saints last month but was not signed.

www.nickiswift.com › antonio-browns-tragic-real-life-story
The troubled history of Antonio Brown – Nicki Swift

Let’s huddle up for Antonio Brown’s tragic real-life story. … ESPN also reported that “a falling-out with his mother’s new husband,” Antonio left home, crashing … Other times, the quarterback publicly called Brown out for running the wrong route.

Who really knows the truth about his #sexual-misconduct. I am not suggesting this is the case, BUTT. There is a very thin line drawn in some sexual situations. Some of the #ladies/groupies #love to hang with the #celebs. They put themselves in very #precarious situation by leading the #horny-lad to the gate, BUTT when they get to #the-gate, the lady slams it shut.

If the ladies have not figured it out yet; many times the lads are think with their other head. Tie in some dope, booze, and the combinations become #very-dangerous. Remember my suggestion; #DON’T-VENTURE-WHERE-YOU-DON’T-BELONG; it will make you life less complicated.

Getting to the #destitute level Brown is in; he has consider getting into the ring with #YouTuber Paul Logan to rustle up a few shackles to keep the wolf away for a while. When that coin runs out; Brown may have to get into the WWF ring with one of their ruffians.

The are an entirely different breed

I kind of like the guy; although he is a little conceited for my taste. His #likability was evident when he showcased his moves appearing on #Dancing-With-The-Stars.

Now Brown is going around with a #tin-cup looking for donations. It is a shame.

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