If the fools would stick to entertainment ……

Grammy Awards ratings dip to all-time low


Should that surprise anyone?? If the fools would stick to entertainment instead of politics, their ratings may come back up.

Most people watch award shows to see what the stars are wearing, and how big of an idiot they can make of themselves. BUTT then we are subjected to see fools like De Niro make a mockery of the situation to vent his personal feelings. Who needs that malarkey?? It was the most pathetic display of ignorance ever. Anddddddd, he got a standing ovation. What does that tell us about the country??

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO; what choice do I have left; but to watch 4 episodes of Family Feud instead with the Cleveland Guy Steve Harvey.

Steve does a great job

It is about time these nit-wit award shows have to be held accountable for their poor behavior. Get back to entertainment and leave the politics to the crooks!!

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