Wanna be a bleeding heart?? Pay the price ……

California homeowners charged $20G to clean up former homeless camp

Four articles of 100’s on how the bleeding hearted residence of La La Land are paying the price for allowing the homeless situation spiral out of control.

Do I feel sorry for them?? Hell no. They should be careful of what the wish for.

There is an old Italian saying that fits this situation to the T. Alcune persone sono troppo stupide per il loro benesome people are too stupid for their own good!!

It is like anything else in life. They longer any unpleasant situation is left to spiral out of the control, the worse it gets. If these situations were nipped in the bud, and controlled, they would not be as disastrous as they are now.

It started out with a cigarette butt on the ground and developed in to this.

Where are the city officials that allowed this to get so bad??
That is a major problem in most of the politics; there has never been any accountability.

I don’t even want to mention the rats and other furry critters that come along with this filth.

If the debris is not bad enough; the guy that is eating his 50 steak and drinking his 35 dollar glass of wine, has to look at this.


What is their solution to this unhealthy mess?? They are disgraceful and should have thought of that years ago.


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