How to keep the #fires of #love #hot ….

Joshua Rogers: I saw a woman do THIS on a train — and it impacts my marriage today

I have always said; if people treated each-other after they were married, as they did before they said I DO; there would be #80%-less-divorces.

It is a funny thing. When two people takes their vows and say I DO, it is not long before one of them or both says I DON’T.

How can you tell if people are married or just going together?? When they are riding in a car; if they are dating, the lady is sitting so close to the guy he can barely steer. If they are married, she is sitting as far away, she is almost out the passengers door.

#Secret to a #long-lasting-marriage;

Be yourself – be honest – compromise – try to work situations out – it is not necessary to continually say I LOVE YOU, showing your partner you love them is much more meaningful.

Sooner than later your hearing and eye sight goes bad and what used to bother you, you don’t even notice anymore.

A pat on the ass once and awhile, coming from either person shows you still love them and have an interest. A good sex life is not the whole marriage, but a good one is 80%.


Feel free to email me for any type of #advice. I am #qualified as an #adviser in multiple fields of life through many years of #on-the-job-experience and #hard-knocks. The hard way to learn is the only way.

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