Their definition of a dictator …..

Think Trump’s acting like a #dictator now? What if he’s reelected after this?

I can guarantee one thing; Trump may not be as conspicuous with his #revenge for the people that deliberately tried to politically assassinate him; but you can rest assured that he will GET EVEN, publicly or privately. Who can blame him?? The man has be sliced and diced more different ways than a Veg-o-matic can do. Should he be pissed off and want to get even?? Hell yes.

There has NEVER been anyone in the history of USA politics that has been #abused more than Trump. A #lesser-man would have throw his hands up by now and said fuck this – who needs it; but Trump made a #commitment to the American people and will see the battle through.

Can we even imagine ANY of his critics standing up to the abuse as he has without completely falling apart. I don’t know how he takes it. He takes a licking and keeps on ticking. If nothing else,his critics should give him an A+ for his #resiliency.

The statement this nit-wit Zachary Wolf used is a perfect example of the media and the #anti-Trumpsters #exaggerations.

Think Trump’s acting like a dictator now? What if he’s reelected after this?

What is a dictator??


  1. a ruler with total power over a country, typically one who has obtained control by force.
  2. Similar:autocrat-monocrat- absolute – ruler – tyrant – despotop -pressor- absolutist-totalitarian-authoritarian-supremo-Big Brother
    • a person who behaves in an autocratic way.
    • (in ancient Rome) a chief magistrate with absolute power, appointed in an emergency.

Does this fool  Zachary B. Wolf, from CNN really believe this non-sense or was he smoking dope when he penned this article. GMAFB

Updated 1:12 AM ET, Sat January 25, 2020

I would love to see a #compromise reached with all parties concerned after Trump wins the 2020 election. He will quit his retaliations if the fools quit their preposterous attacks. What can be more fair?? It will never happen.

What does any real man or women do when they have been abused as he has been?? They fight back. They do not lay on the ground and allow their #adversaries to continue to put the boots to them.

What #sanctuary/fantasy land have these pathetic people been raised in. PDT Has been bullied ever since he took office. Many times he reacted in a manner that was less than acceptable; but that is how he was raised. I think; since he was elected he has toned down and become more diplomatic.

I will guarantee one thing. If the media would only report the truths, and only chastise him over factual events, that would eliminate 90% of the friction between them.

Is Trump perfect?? Hell no, BUTT who is.

I said this many times. If a person does not have a better solution to a problem, #STFU until you do. Monday quarterbacks a a dime a dozen.

Will PDT get even?? You betcha.

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