Now these are some sick bastards ……

Forces of Libya’s Khalifa Haftar threaten to target civilian aircraft

A spokesman for one of Libya’s warring factions #threatened to target #civilian #airliners flying over Tripoli airspace on Wednesday, prompting Mitiga, the only functioning airport in Libya’s largest city, to halt and divert flights elsewhere.

The airport reportedly reopened on Thursday.A spokesman for the forces of General Khalifa Haftar’s Libyan National Army – which controls the eastern half of the war-torn country and some enclaves near Tripoli in the country’s west – said in a video message posted on Twitter that all aircraft operating in airspace surrounding Tripoli, whether military or civilian, would be deemed #hostile and #could-be-shot-down.

“Any military or civilian aircraft, regardless of its affiliation, flying over the capital will be destroyed,” the spokesman said, claiming the rival UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) was using the airport for military purposes.

Now these are the people that need a target put on their backs. Or would the PC–do gooder-bleeding-hearts feel that taking them out is not justified. Orrrr, should they be given 3 weeks notice to GET OUT OF DODGE like the democrats suggested PDT should have done before he blew the Iranian general to smithereens??

There absolutely are some very nasty people out there that should not be walking the face of the earth.

War is war and killing military people is a sad reality of it; but to deliberately shoot down civilian aircraft, that is COLD.

Here is another example of a #cold-blooded-killer you may not have heard of: a little handy work from Pablo Escobar

Flight 203 took off as scheduled at 7:13 a.m. Five minutes into the flight, at a speed of 794 kilometres per hour (493 mph) and an altitude of 13,000 feet (4,000 m), an explosive charge detonated, causing fuel vapors in the empty central fuel tank to ignite. Eyewitnesses on the ground reported seeing fire erupt out of the right side of the aircraft’s fuselage. A second blast ripped the airliner apart; the nose section separated from the tail section, which went down in flames. The wreckage was scattered in a three-mile radius around the town of Soacha. All 107 people on board were killed, as well as three people on the ground who were killed by falling debris.[2][4]


An investigation determined that plastic explosives were used to destroy the plane. Drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, of the Medellín drug cartel, planned the bombing, hoping it would kill presidential candidate César Gaviria Trujillo before the 1990 elections.[5]:80[6] One account states that two unidentified men dressed in suits who worked for Escobar carried the bomb on board. The men sat in seats 18A and 18K, located above the main fuel tank. At the last moment, one of the men left the aircraft, while his partner stayed on board and was killed in the bombing. Despite Escobar’s expectations, Gaviria was not on the aircraft and went on to become President of Colombia.[5]:81 Two Americans were among the dead, prompting the Bush Administration to begin Intelligence Support Activity operations to find Escobar.[5]:81[7]

Just to get to one of his adversaries, Escobar #blew-up a civilian plane and #killed 107 people. How much more #demented – #brutal – #sick-in-the-head can anyone be. The guy he was trying to kill, was not even on the plane.

Pablo Escobar – Wife, Son & Death – Biography

Aug 29, 2019 – Pablo Escobar was a Colombian drug lord whose ruthless ambition, until his death, … each day, netting the Medellin Cartel as much as $420 million a week. … Escobar was responsible for the killing of thousands of people, …

People always talk about forgiving and forgetting – pushing religion – turn the other cheek. How the hell can we very get past evil like these people?? Do these people even have a #heart or #soul?? They should have never been born.

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