#Excuse me – #thank you and #please do notwork …

Trump’s Senate trial defense: Abuse of power is not impeachable


Even if someone can construe how PDT used his verbiage when dealing with the Ukraine president was COMING ON #STRONG (which he wasn’t); who do these fools think we are dealing with; people in a knitting class?

This is #hard-ball folks; being in the big #leagues for all the chips when PDT is dealing with the other world #leaders, some of which are vicious, treacherous people. Excuse me – thank you and please are not the order of the day.

IFFFF what Trump said was; either you come around to our way or there is no deal with buying the weapons; tell me what the big issue is.

As far as Hunter Biden’s involvement with a Ukraine oil company being suspicious and illegal and Trump being concerned that a USA citizen was getting out of line in a foreign country; that is part of his job.

If those are impeachable offenses; the rule books must be rewritten.

Optimistically; this witch hunt is going to blow up in the #socio-democrats faces, if it hasn’t already. The problem I have; all of the supporters of the movement should have their heads on the #chopping-block and be held #accountable for the time and money #pissed away. All of it stemmed from one thing; Trump kicking CHC’s ass in the election.

The true dollar amount wasted on the #impeachment varies from 3 million to 40 million. Just like anything else involved in politics, trying to get the truth is like climbing #Mt. Everest on one’s tongue (impossible).

www.politifact.com › statements › nov › facebook-posts › viral-post-s…
Viral post says Democrats spent $40 million on impeachment …


Claim: Says Democrats “spent $40,000,000 of YOUR tax dollars trying to impeach Trump.”Claimed by: Facebook posts

Fact check by PolitiFact: FalseFeedbacknationalinterest.org › blog › buzz › how-much-has-impeaching-trump…
How Much Has Impeaching Trump Cost Taxpayers So Far …


Dec 21, 2019 – House Democrats spent at least $3 million of taxpayers’ money in under … votes to impeach Trump, the matter would go to the Senate for a trial; …

The money they pissed away is significant; but how about the time. Time that could have been well spent on getting our #decaying country back in order. It has been 3 years of a #do-nothing-congress.

There has to be some new ground rules laid out when Trump gets elected again. The country can not survive the way it has been going.

No person if they would be #honest can deny that PDT has ventured into many delicate areas that no other president has. Many times coming away the #winner. These matters could not have been settled by using metaphorically; #excuse me – #thank you and #please. PDT may still not be the most diplomatic president we ever had, but his sometime brash personality is one of the reasons he was elected. He gets the job done. Conventional methods are not always the order of the day.

Let us not forget; Donald Trump has been playing #hard-ball all his life. I am sure he has crossed the line a few times or more, but that is the price of success. Wheeling and dealing is not for the faint-of-heart. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. Or if you don’t have a better solution, #STFU.

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